Thursday, June 25, 2009

So sad...But,Funny

Yesterday,when i got home from my friend house Cyndi.After we went to Kohl s for just a little bit shopping.Some summer outfit for us and for the kids.Then after that,we take the kids for swimming.But,then.Not even fifteen minutes,we are hurrying and go home because we heard the thunder.The kids was very upset.But,ooh will...what can we do?Cyndi shes already worried for fact that,shes already experience before that....she went there with some of our friends also,and then the same situation they heard the thunder,plus the siren.But,they just try to ignore.Until,one person came and tell them that is a tornado warning.So,i guess she don't want that happen again.ooh I'm not!And,it is a little bit early for us.So,i ask her if she want to go to the Asian store.Because,i need to pick up some rice,and just some Filipino foods.Then,i drop them off.So,here.When we got home,Ryan was in the door ready to go.So i ask him,if where he want to go?And,he said that..he want to try to go look for an open clinic or find a closer Vet.Because,Zeus.One of our kitten when he got home.He found him,shaking and can't walk.He said,look likes he hurt his legs.So,i look and told him that it is 7:00 o'clock at night already.I don't think so,their is any open at this time.And,it seems he is really worried so i told him,don't worry i take him tomorrow.And,then when i got home today.He looks fine,will he walk like he still hurt but not like last night.So,you know what?I am not going to take him,spent my money.Because,i think the reason he hurt himself is that,the other day i saw him chasing the bee,by the window.So,it might be the reason why?funny huh!But,last night he looks so sad,he even don't like to play with his brother.Hopefully his ok now...I can't believe Ryan is so worried.You know i grow up with a cat in our house.But,we don't take to a Vet?for heaven sake!Will,i guess this is really the life of A.

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