Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day To All The Dad's

You friends cannot believe this,Yesterday we went to Evergreen.To watch the Rodeo parade as always they do that every year,in the month of June.And ever since i got here in the states,we always watch that.Will,i miss one year.But,still is like this events it is already become part of our life.Especially,when the kids are already growing.And,i think the most part that they like,is all the things that they got from the people,you know like candy,chocolate,some toys etc.So,yesterday i invite a couple of friends i have and Ashley.I'm sure you guys know who i am talking.It is raining a little.But,it seems we have fun.Of course the best part is taking picture and chasing the horse.Will,not exactly.But,you know we came late.Because i wake up late:)so we end up parking my car farther,where the events really held.Will,that not it.After,we went to Target down in Colorado mills to buy some cards for father's day.Also,to meet one of friend there.And,then we went to Cindy's house as we always do.Cindy cook our Filipino cousin,it was delicious.Thank you Cin, and then another friend also came with her very cute little girl.And,she mention about her Tagalog movies.Which is,I've been missing so much.I am a drama queen,i like to watch drama and comedy movie.I remember back then.Me and my father,every time we watch a drama movie,we always both end up cry.How funny is that?yes that's my Papa.I miss him so much...i can't wait the moment that i able to see him again,That i can able to hug him.Laugh with him and cry with him.So,today...i pray for him.And,then i watch all the movies that i borrow.While,I am cherish the moment.In my mind,that my Papa is beside me and cry with me,because of the movie.Thanks to Alleth for letting me,have all those movie.And,again..."Happy Father's Day To All The Dad's out there.

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