Monday, June 15, 2009

char....drama nato.

Father and son,Ryan and Reagan.Many people say their so much look a like.Which i cannot deny it,and i am happy to hear that because that means.I am just proving something, beside his from my womb,nobody can't deny that either.Their both born in August,i remember Ryan was keep telling me before to hold it,until his birthday.So,that they have both the same birthday.But,sorry for him.Because i give birth on the day of my due date.Which awesome for me,will we all happy that moment and never experience any hassle during my labor.And,now Reagan is going to be four years old,it is hard to believe.But,time just passing by so quick.A lot of things happen between us,and Thanks to God,we remain friend.I remember those movie i watch of Aga Mulach and i think with Ann Curtis.His Mother in that movie said,"Sex is nothing of marrieds.The most important is your or our friendship to each other.Because,when we get older.Sex is fading,but the friendship is forever"and it is true.Believe me it is true hahahaha.....thanks for coming by everyone.

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