Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping During Fourth Of July

We just got back today from our camping at the Worse creek Lake,which located between Commerce City and Brighton.I am very exhausted same us Ryan and the boys.We leave last Thursday afternoon.That is why i feel like it is a long weekend for me.But,i have no regrets because the boys are having fun.Also,i take Nevyn with us,for the fact that her Mother won't go.So far,all of us are having fun.Not only that,for the first time i just face one of my fear the water.Me and Ryan along with his friend.We went tubing at the lake,and it was crazy.Until now still i can't believe i just did that,by myself.I never even did that in Philippines.Not everybody knows that,me who's grow up close by the ocean,of all the 6 siblings.I am the only one who don't know to swim.Funny,huh?I don't care what people said about that,But,seriously.I hate water.So,yes yesterday!I just conquered my number was fun than i thought.First,Ryan was go with me.But,we fall.Which i know that is his purpose.So,i decide to go by myself.And,still i fall and drink a lot of lake water.It's so gross which also i don't care that time.Because,not only i drink a little of Jack Daniel's.In my mind is only the water!!!!visit me in my other site,I will,continue what happen next:)

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